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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Many to Many Subgrids – Prompt Missing When Deleting an Associated Record

This blog post will outline a feature which I think, along with a few customers, should be added to CRM. This feature can be known as the ‘Prompt for Association Deletion of a Many to Many record on a Subgrid’. Yea, I know that feature title is a mouth full, but that’s my description of it for now.


What’s the feature all about?


These are the steps taken to set up the Subgrid ready for testing:

  1. Entity A has a relationship with another entity B, the relationship is a many to many i.e. N:N
  2. Now Add a Subgrid to Entity A allowing for records from Entity B to be added to the Subgrid shown on Entity A.
  3. Add a record to the new Subgrid on Entity A, using the Add (+) button. Enter the required information.

Subgrid View

Now that the setup is complete, select the record and click the Delete button (trash can icon will appear to the right of the record). Remember, this is just disassociating the Entity B record with Entity a, not actually deleting the Entity B record.


What happens Next?


Notice once you click on the delete button the record is deleted without any prompt’s such as Do you want to delete this XYZ record association? You can’t undo this action.  I have put a screenshot in below for graphical purposes of something similar that I would expect to see. This deletion screen is currently used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Confirm Deletion


I have tested it against CRM 2015 and there is still no association deletion prompt.

I will be raising this as a feature request with Microsoft Connect to get it looked at. Hopefully this feature can be added into the base product of Microsoft Dynamics CRM one day soon. Fingers crosses I won’t get a ‘By Design’ feedback notification!

Greg Olsen

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