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CRM 2015 – Social Listening Coming to On-Premises CRM 2015 Installs

September 24, 2014 Leave a comment

Currently Social Listening is available for CRM Online instances only, but with the launch of CRM 2015 with the ‘Fall Release’, you will be able to hook up your online Social Listening instance as an integration option with all CRM 2015 On-Premises installations/instances.


Where to start


To find the new Social Listening configuration option, then Navigate to Settings > Administration



This configuration will allow you to embed Social Insights (as mentioned in the config option) from Social Listening into CRM 2015.  Social Insights can be added to Dashboards, User Dashboards and Forms.


Privacy Disclaimer


Once you have clicked the configuration option, you will be presented with the following disclaimer to accept.

MSL Disclaimer


Configuration Process


Next step of the process is to connect your CRM instance to Microsoft Social Listening instance. The admin screen below will show you your CRM instance URL.

Follow steps in point 1. Configure Social Listening of this screen.


Once you have logged into Microsoft Social Listening instance and obtained the Social Listening Solution URL, then paste this into 2. Connect this CRM instance text box and click on Test URL.

Once tested, click Save Settings button to complete the configuration.

Greg Olsen


CRM 2015 – Release Preview Guide

September 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Its coming … and named CRM 2015.  The next major release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be known as CRM 2015. Here is the naming breakdown for both On-Premises and Online:

  • On-Premises – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – (aka v7.0)
  • Online – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2015 Update) Note: Customer Driven Update. This means you will need to turn it on inside your CRM 2013 instance.

With this major release comes a new Release Preview Guide (September 2014), which is available to download. You can get your copy from here.  I have put a copy for future reference here. I encourage you to take a read of its content and become familiar with some of the new features and improvements coming with this release.

CRM 2015 - Release Preview Guide

Greg Olsen

Microsoft Social Listening – Helpful Videos

This blog post I will provide a list of some helpful videos relating to Microsoft Social Listening, which has just been released by Microsoft recently.

The list below outlines the different areas relating to Microsoft Social Listening with their corresponding links to the video. 

Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Understanding Sentiment
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Tuning search topics
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Setting Up Search Topic

Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Sales Scenarios
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Overview
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Marketing Scenarios
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Customer Care Scenarios
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Trial Overview
Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 Trial Walkthrough



Greg Olsen

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Social Listening Trial

You can now run yourself through a 30 minute trial of Microsoft Social Listening. Social Listening of social media platforms and websites can allow your organisation to follow trends, respond to customer feedback both positive and negative and connect to your customer base on a level different to the normal phone or email channels.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Social Listening can be a great solution to really manage your customer base and the relationships you have with them on a daily basis.

Microsoft Social Listening Trial allows you to explore the following:

  • Analyze social data in an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Listen to brands, products, or topics on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs.
  • Use sentiment analysis to find out the public perception of a topic.
  • See how to identify and connect with the most influential users.
  • Learn how to stay on top of information with dedicated email alerts.

Head over to this page to start your trial of Microsoft Social Listening.


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