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Microsoft Office 365 & Yammer – Leaders in Social Enterprise

A recent report published from Forrester has recognised Microsoft Office 365 + Yammer as Forrester Wave Leaders within the Enterprise Social Platforms. You can find the full report from the Forrester site here.

Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer can be clearly shown within the ‘Leaders’ area of this Forrester Wave illustration.

Office365 & Yammer Graph 2014

Another Key Takeaway from the report published by Forrester:

Enterprise social has become increasingly integrated with adjacent technologies, such
as document collaboration, portals, and line-of-business applications like customer
relationship management. To that end, vendors with significant leverage like IBM,
Microsoft, and will become more dominant on customers’ shortlists.

For more information, you can read the report here.

Greg Olsen


Microsoft Dynamics CRM – iPad and Yammer Capabilities Released for CRM Online

February 27, 2013 1 comment

The next release for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has been done! CRM Online now includes of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online iPad experience for salespeople, as well as new enterprise social networking scenarios offered through Yammer.

Yammer integration will mean you can post messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Yammer and vice versa. These messages can be associated with your opportunities, accounts, and other CRM records.

The iPad mobile experience for salespeople using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online via Safari on an Apple iPad (not the iPad Mini!) running iOS 6.0 or higher.

Below I will show you where to go to access the Yammer configuration within your CRM Online environment.

Administration View (with Yammer)

Click Settings > Administration


Administration Option now includes the following …



Note: if you don’t see the Yammer option, then make sure you have installed the Product Updates from the Administration section of CRM.


Yammer Disclaimer Message 

Below is a screen shot of the disclaimer message about the data which will be sent from CRM to Yammer.




Yammer Configuration


Once you select the Authorize option 1, then you will be presented with a Yammer login screen.


Once you have connected your Yammer account to CRM, you will have the complete enterprise social network connected to your instance of CRM. As mentioned earlier, Yammer integration will mean you can post messages from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Yammer and vice versa.

Make sure you check out the new iPad experience for salespeople as well.

Awesome work Microsoft!

Greg Olsen

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