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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing – Add New Zealand Currency

If you start a trial in New Zealand you may notice that the NZ Dollar is not an option you can choose for the default currency. Don’t worry, if you keep reading you will be able to add the New Zealand currency ($ (en-NZ) ) to your instance of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM).  You can also use these steps if you want to add the New Zealand currency in other MDM instances.

Adding the New Zealand Currency

Follow the steps below:

1. Choose Home > Settings > Business Administration > Categories

2. In the Category Type drop-down menu, select Currency

3. Choose the New button to create a new currency

4. Enter the Name of the currency in the Category Name field, i.e. New Zealand Dollar. An entry is required

5. Enter a description of the currency. An entry is not required

6. You can leave the Account field blank for now

7. Select the currency Symbol ($ en-NZ) for for NZ. A symbol is required

8. Choose Submit

9. DONE!

You can repeat the steps above for any other currencies you want to add. If you would like to see more detail, then head to, “Configure default currency” section.

Hope that helps

Greg Olsen

CRM 2015 – Release Preview Guide

September 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Its coming … and named CRM 2015.  The next major release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be known as CRM 2015. Here is the naming breakdown for both On-Premises and Online:

  • On-Premises – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 – (aka v7.0)
  • Online – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (2015 Update) Note: Customer Driven Update. This means you will need to turn it on inside your CRM 2013 instance.

With this major release comes a new Release Preview Guide (September 2014), which is available to download. You can get your copy from here.  I have put a copy for future reference here. I encourage you to take a read of its content and become familiar with some of the new features and improvements coming with this release.

CRM 2015 - Release Preview Guide

Greg Olsen

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Free eBook – Increase your impact with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Hot out of Microsoft. A free eBook.


This eBook gives you a quick run-down of the powerful tools in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing that you can use to manage leads, plan and execute campaigns, and monitor their performance.

If you would like to get a hold of this eBook, you can download it from here

Archived version is downloadable from here.

Dynamics Marketing eBook


Build Campaigns


Dynamics Marketing



Greg Olsen