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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Performance Center / Form Load Analysis

Some won’t be aware of the Performance Center with CRM 2013. It is a handy tool activated by hitting CTRL+SHIFT+Q when a record loads. It’s best used with Internet Explorer (it crashes for me when using CRM in Chrome). You can use this tool to analyse the form load times within your instance of CRM 2013.

Below is a quick view of what the tool looks like in CRM 2013. (my screenshot is taken from CRM Online v6.1.0.1043). You can get a better view of the screenshot in full by clicking on this link: https://yellowduckguy.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/crm-performance-centerfull.png

CRM Performance Center


Note: This tool only displays with CRM 2013 once you have Service Pack 1. before that when you press CTRL + SHIFT + Q, they only show plain text format as illustrated below (run from CRM 2013 v6.0.2.51 IFD on premises installation).

CRM Performance Center - Old Version

Remember, you can still add on /tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx to find the diagnostics tool.

If you hit the button Select Major, the tool will output the results as illustrated below.

CRM Performance Center - Select Major

Handy tool? I think so ….

Greg Olsen

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