Microsoft P-SSP for CRM

Partner Seller (P-Seller) is a Microsoft Partner resource acting as an extension of the Microsoft sales team in the capacity of sales and pre-sales technical support.  The appropriate P-Seller has the ability to position, demonstrate, design and implement Microsoft solutions. Greg works within the Sales Solutions Professional (SSP) of the P-Seller program, giving it the title P-SSP. Greg specialises with CRM within this role. The P-SSP role is designed to help Microsoft scale out its sales and technical pre-sales efforts by enabling Microsoft partner resources to help drive and accelerate pipeline velocity and customer deployment.


Formally known as vTSP for CRM ….

Greg Olsen was a Microsoft Virtual Technology Solutions Professional (v-TSP).  The v-TSP program is a select group chosen from the elite in Microsoft’s partner community that have great architectural, development, consultant, and customer facing skills.  The v-TSP group evangelise the business value of the Microsoft platform and drive new software revenue for specific Microsoft technologies.

The v-TSP provides pre-sales technical support to enable customers to develop, deploy, and support Microsoft solutions through product capability presentations, application design sessions, and proof of concept.

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