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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Trial Sign-ups for NZ, Default Currency, Fixed

December 2, 2015 Leave a comment

Each time you signed up for an online trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the Country of New Zealand, the default currency wasn’t set to New Zealand Dollar (NZD, $).

Therefore I put a request here via Microsoft Connect to have this fixed. Well, once again, Microsoft has listened and made the change and now all Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online sign-ups for the country of New Zealand now have their currency set to New Zealand Dollar (NZD, $).

Its a small fix, but an important one.


Greg Olsen


OneDrive – Support now for 10GB Files

September 22, 2014 Leave a comment

OneDrive (was previously known as SkyDrive) has had it’s support for files i.e. size of a file you can upload, bumped up to 10GB now. So if you have a have a OneDrive account you can now take advantage of this support.

Recently we also saw OneDrive increase it’s free offering to 15 GB.


10GB Files

Greg Olsen

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