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Windows 10 – God Mode or Access Detailed System Settings

You are probably wondering what this blog post is all about? Keep reading ..

You have all seen this screen right? – The Control Panel in Windows.

Control Panel

There is a new settings window in Windows 10 as shown below. Therefore finding the old control panel hard to find for some. You could just type Control Panel in the taskbar search bar and you will simply find it. However, lets keep on the God Mode topic. Keep reading.

Windows 10 New Settings

God mode is something the community or internet is talking about at the moment recently, just briefly.

Firstly, to enable god mode, you will need to create the following folder on your desktop (or wherever) and name the folder as shown below. Feel free to copy and paste the test below.


If you want this file without creating it, you can download a zipped file of this folder, by clicking here.

Once you have created you new folder you should see the folder change to look like the following image.


Now if you open this folder you have created, you will see a full system settings (known as God Mode) displayed in a new window. You can now get to all those special settings for Windows 10 in one handy location.


Now save the folder in a safe place so you can get quick access to these settings. You may even want to right-click and select Pin to Quick Access so it appears in your options within Windows Explorer.


Greg Olsen

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