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Dynamics CRM – Certified Hosting of Dynamics CRM in Microsoft Azure

At the World Wide Partner Conference in Orlando, Microsoft announced certified hosting of Microsoft Dynamics CRM within Microsoft Azure. This is a great step forward.


CRM Certified on Azure


What this means in summary? This means that customers or businesses will be able to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) with Azure Premium Storage for production environments. In the past, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has not been supported or certified to be run in Microsoft Azure.

So you can now take advantage of installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises installation software in Microsoft Azure and be certified – for production as well!

Another great benefit Microsoft is offering is the ability for current on-premises CAL license holders the ability to use those licenses to run their CRM instances on Azure. This is a great advantage for customers who want to move to cloud computing but are unable to deploy a complete SaaS based solution like CRM Online. Along with this benefit, customers or businesses may also use their MSDN credits for running test environments.

You can read the Microsoft release from Bob Stuz here:


Greg Olsen

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    Työskentelen pilvessä… CRM-pilvessä. Ja nyt myös Azuressa 😉

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