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Windows 10 Technical Preview – Step-By-Step Install

This blog post will give you a step-by-step look into the installation of Windows 10. This installation I have used the Windows 10 Technical Preview release. At the time of this blog post, v10049 is the latest build version available.

Step 1 – Select Language and other preferences.


Step 2 – Accept license terms


Step 3 – Select installation type


From the screen above, I selected Custom: Install Windows only (advanced) option.

Step 4 – Select where to install Windows


Step 5 – Windows now starts installation


Step 6 – Customise settings


From the screenshot above, I simply selected Use express settings

Step 7 – Windows checks connections and other settings


Step 8 – Setup the first logon account


Step 9 – Setup the first logon account


From the screenshot above I decided I didn’t want to use my Microsoft Account (formally known as a Windows Live account) . Therefore I clicked Sign up (don’t worry about signing up, I have a process to pass the sign up stage on the next screen).

Step 10 – Create a Microsoft account


From the screenshot above, I didn’t create a new account, therefore you can click the text at the bottom Connect my account later.

Step 11 – Create an account for this PC


Since I didn’t use a Microsoft Account, I will need to create a local account on the Windows 10 installation. I filled in the required details on the screenshot above and clicked Next.

Step 11 – Windows is completing the install ..


From the screenshot above, windows installation is underway.


Step 12 – Windows install is completed!


Finished! – That was easy right?

More about Windows 10 can be found here:


Greg Olsen

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