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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – Left Navigation Pane is gone .. Where is everything?

When you begin to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 you will instantly notice the left Navigation Pane and Ribbon have gone. In this post I will explain the new Navigation Bar in CRM 2013.

The new Navigation Bar looks like this:


You can think of the navigation breadcrumb in the example above as:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Workplace > Reports


CRM Modules


CRM Modules have moved under the Microsoft Dynamics CRM heading

CRM Modules  when screen resolution is shrunk : ModulesSmall

These will look like:

CRM Modules Menu


The above options were similar in the Left Navigation menu in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 but have shifted to this new location (as shown above).


CRM Entities Grid


The next section on the Navigation bar shows the Entities.  Once the user switches Entities, they are displayed the Entity Grid view.

So the menu example below shows the options for the SALES module in CRM.

CRM Entity Grid Menu


Entities Colour Scheme


CRM 2013 has a defined colour scheme for entities when displayed on the Navigation Bar.

4 types of coloured entities are defined as follows:

  • Core entities (COLAC and Dashboards -varies)
  • Non-core entities (grey)
  • Activities (red)
  • Custom entities (green)


Most Recently Used (MRU)


A great feature from this view is also the Most Recently Used (MRU) view from the Entity. Simply click the down arrow against the entity (as shown below) to see the most recently used records. Note: You need to open a record first before it will show in this list.

Most Recently Used (MRU) Records Display


CRM Related Records


Now your asking .. what about Activities? Connections? … where are these?

You can simply view these in the CRM Related Records area of the Navigation Bar. Below I have selected an Open Opportunity. Once the Opportunity is opened another Navigation area appears (with the name of the Opportunity) and then simply click the down arrow and you will view the CRM related records. In the example below you will see the Activities and Connections shown for the Opportunity.

CRM Related Records


Quick Create


The final thing I will address with this blog post is the Quick Create option. This is a Global feature within the Navigation Bar.

A button is added to the Navigation Bar (located to the right):


When clicked, it will show you a list of Quick Create options within CRM.


Zoomed look ..


Hope that helps give you a quick overview of the new Navigation Bar in CRM 2013 and let you understand the changes from CRM 2011.

Greg Olsen

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