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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Custom Code Validation Tool

I think it’s important for everyone now to start reviewing their current CRM 2011 customisations using the Custom Code Validation Tool to ensure their existing customisations will work with the next service release of CRM 2011, code named Polaris, which is due in December 2012. It is noted that Polaris will be rolled out to CRM 2011 Online customers first.


Red Group: Existing JavaScript uses unsupported internal functions that were removed as part of the cross browser work. Many Microsoft CRM functions used techniques that were only possible using Internet Explorer.  All supported public functions were preserved but many undocumented internal functions and properties were changed and are no longer available, even when using Internet Explorer.

Blue Group: Existing JavaScript was written and tested only on Internet Explorer. It may not work correctly for other browsers. Code using the deprecated crmForm object from earlier versions of Microsoft CRM will not work for browsers other than Internet Explorer. Organizations using other browsers must upgrade their code to use the Xrm.Page object introduced for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

So the best thing to do now is to head to the link stated below and take a read of the content and start validating your existing CRM 2011 solution prior to the Polaris release in December 2012.


Greg Olsen

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