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Create a new CRM 4.0 Organisation (Multi-Tenancy)

The following with illustrate how to create a new organisation so you can take advantage of the Multi-Tenancy feature with Microsoft CRM 4.0.  I have done these steps on the latest Microsoft CRM 4.0 VPC 2009 released by Microsoft. 


You can also download the steps including screenshots (Office Word 2007 file): Create a CRM 4 Organisation.docx


1. Firstly check that the SQL Server Agent is running on the CRM 4.0 SQL Server. Open Start | All Programs | Administration Tools | Services. You will get a list of Services.

2. Locate the service SQL Server Agent (MSSQLSERVER), right-click and select Start (if this service is not started already). This is required to be running to complete the new organisation wizard.

3. Close the Services window.

4. Next, open the deployment manager, Start | All Programs | Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Deployment Manager.

5. With the left menu, select Deployment Manager | Organizations.

6. Right-click on Organizations and select New Organisation.

7. Enter Display Name as Yellow Duck Guy.

8. Enter Name as YellowDuckGuy. Note: This should be filled in automatically for you.

9. Click Browse.  Select the Base Currency of your country. Warning: Once this is set and saved you cannot change the Base Currency of your organisation.  I will select New Zealand.

10. Select SQL Collation applicable to your country or current SQL Server collation. I will select Latin_General_CI_Al.

11. Click Next.


You will be shown the screen Help Us Improve the Customer Exprience. Here you can select to participate in the experience of your creation of the organisation. For this example, I will not select the option.

12. Click Next.

13. Select the SQL Server you would like the CRM Organisation created. I selected the Microsoft CRM VPC 2009 database of CRM-SRV-01.

14. Click Next.


You will be shown Specify Reporting Services Server screen. You will need to enter the URL of the SQL Reporting Services Server which was setup before you installed CRM 4.0. I will use the local URL for the Microsoft CRM VPC 2009 SQL Reporting Services Server which is http://localhost/ReportServer

15.  Click Next.


You should see the results of the verification tasks. This means the organisation has not been created yet.

16.  Click Next.


Now you will be displayed with the screen titled, Ready to Create.

17.  Review your selections and click Create.


The process will begin to create your new organisation. This will take a few moments.  Be patient and wait for the wizard to create your organisation. You can select the link to view the log if you want to see what actions were processed.


You’re done!


18. Click Finish to complete.

19. Type in the URL with your new organisation name. Example (not a valid link from this blog): http://crm/yellowduckguy/loader.aspx


Your Microsoft CRM 4.0 instance now will be accessible.


Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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