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Yellow Duck Guy – Blog Hits and Statistics

Microsoft Windows Live tracks the number of hits, page views today and page views this week. Its great to see this blog so active worldwide, mainly as a online 24/7 reference for myself (I think of it as an online technical code library) but also serving up a number of articles and downloadable material for you every month. I try and post something every month.
Statistics wise, Microsoft Windows Live is reporting: Total page views: 23,685 !
Box.net has reported a LARGE number of downloads for the code postings from http://yellowduckguy.spaces.live.com  The most download file is http://www.box.net/shared/tmm25or137 – seems Windows 7 launch worldwide is MASSIVE!  This is great. I have been using the Release Candidate of Windows 7 since it was release and i’m really really pleased with it. The release of Windows 7 is going to be successful even during the worldwide economic downturn.
Till next time, keep watching this space! p.s. big thanks to you!
Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy
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