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FileHelpers – Import/Export Data Files (OpenSource.NET)

This is a great handy framework or .NET library when working with data files in .NET. Info about this below (directly from the site http://www.filehelpers.com/)
The FileHelpers are a free and easy to use .NET library to import/export data from fixed length or delimited records in files, strings or streams.
The idea is pretty simple:
You can strong type your flat file (fixed or delimited) simply describing a class that maps to each record and later read/write your file as an strong typed .NET array 
The Library also has support for import/export data from differents storages like Excel, Access, SqlServer, etc.
The FileHelpers are completely free because they are released under the LPGL Licence that allows the use of the code and binaries in all places, also in commercial applications.
Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy
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