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CRM 4.0 2009 VPC – Time Expiry Date

Well I have finally got around to running up the latest time bombed CRM 4.0 2009 VPC and turned it into a Hyper-V image. The date of exipry for the downloadable VPC is August 12th 2010. So if you are using this just remember this date as the software within the VPC will stop executing. However, you will be able to access a "limited" amount of data within the VPC.
One thing I had to do to get CRM running within a Hyper-V Virtual Machine was to create an entry in the hosts file of and point it to crm, which is the host header inside IIS.  This may not be required, but for my version it was the quick fix to get the Virtual Machine image running CRM within Internet Explorer.  The entry details enter were:           crm
I also noticed that SharePoint was writing automatically to the hosts file as well.
The hosts file is located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts  -> just open it with Notepad and add the entry above and save.
Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy
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