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Debug ASP Pages with Visual Studio 2005

I was given the task recently to redesign some old classic ASP pages which needed to consume a .NET Web Service. However, I wanted to debug the objects floating around in my ASP code. If you need to do this as well and want to find out how, then keep reading on.
Below you will find a document download which outlines the steps required to successfully debug ASP pages within Visual Studio 2005. Make sure you have debugging enabled within IIS as well.
Summary of the steps required to debug your ASP Page:
1. View your ASP page within Visual Studio 2005. Open and existing file or view your file within Solution Explorer.
2. Set a breakpoint on the ASP code line where you wish the debugger to hit.
3. View the ASP page in the web browser (without debugging).
4. Download the file listdlls.exe from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896656.aspx
5. Run listdlls.exe with the command of listdlls -d asp.dll from command line and find which dllhost.exe loaded the asp.dll.
6. Within Visual Studio, from the toolbar menu select Debug | Attach to Process
a. Locate the process by its process ID and attach to this process.
7. Refresh the page (or F5) in the web browser. You should see the breakpoint get hit.
8. Use QuickWatch within Visual Studio to explore the objects.
Here is the detailed steps document download (Microsoft Word 2003 document):
Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy
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