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Failed to access IIS metabase

What is this all about? You may get this error when you attempt to browse a site hosted by IIS.


The problem can occur due to the order that some of the install components were installed on the machine, normally because the .NET Framework (i.e. .NET 2.0) or Visual Studio 2005 was installed before IIS. Therefore, ASP.NET is not correctly configured to execute. You can also get this error if a particular user account doesn’t have access to IIS metabase.


I have successfully been able to fix this issue by running the following command:

aspnet_regiis –i

Run this command from the Visual Studio Command Prompt (from the Visual Studio Tools start menu) or by using DOS command prompt and navigating to the following location C:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework\v2.0.50727 and then run aspnet_regiis –i

The command aspnet_regiis –i will install the ASP.NET and update IIS metabase.

Hope that helps!

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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