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Windows 7 – Series 1 Journey through the new Windows 7 OS beta

My journey through Windows 7 has begun and I thought I would start posting more of my findings right here for you to read and see. Here is the Series 1 list. Not to sure how many series I will run, so keep watching this space.

  • MS Paint – Upgraded

Well I have just noticed MS Paint has had a face lift or upgrade to its appearance. I took a screenshot for an email I sent and noticed that when I opened it in MS Paint that it was quite different.  MS Paint has the new Ribbon interface, made famous by Microsoft Office.

  • Validate TCP/IP

When configuring my network settings for home networking I notice a new feature of ‘Validate TCP/IP’ settings. This can be quite handy if you need to identify any networking issues you have. The process can output a report at the end detailing any issues you may have. Below is a few screenshots to show you where and what the process looks like.

Check the setting to turn on Validation. If you are an expert with network settings then I would suspect you would uncheck this every time.

Troubleshooting report above details all issues you may have. I have suppressed the contents for this blog entry.

  • Devices and Printers

I created a blog entry 29th October 2008 titled Windows 7, where I spoke about the ‘add printer’ would be added back to the quick start menu. Well this is now here and labelled Devices and Printers.

  • My Computer – Explore Gone

I have been a big user of shortcuts for Windows Explorer via Windows Key + E or by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting Explore. I have noticed that the ‘Explore’ option is now gone and you simply have the option of ‘Open’.

  • Desktop – Right-Click Options Upgraded

Right-clicking on the desktop is normally used to quickly get to the monitor or desktop settings in Windows. With Windows 7 the options have been broken up into three categories; Screen Resolution, Gadgets and Personalize.  I quite like this option as it allows me to get to the Screen Resolution settings quicker than going through Personalize as we did with Vista.

Here is a screenshot of the Screen Resolution option:


  • Resource Monitor

The Resource Monitor has a cool view of your memory usage within one of it’s tabs. You can get to the Resource Monitor by right-clicking the taskbar, selecting Start Task Manager, Select Performance tab and then click the Resource Monitor button.  The Resource Monitor Memory tab view is shown below:

Well this concludes Series 1 journey through the new Windows 7 beta Operating System (OS). Hopefully you notice something a bit different from the list. Series 2 is on it’s way. Keep watching.

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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