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Windows 7 – I have installed the beta last night. The 2 minute ‘peek’

Last night I decided to blow away my machine with Vista OS with a clean formatted install of Windows 7 Ultimate Beta Build 7000. 
The install (booting from the ISO download burnt to DVD) was simple and straightforward to install.  I simply navigated my way through the setup process like any other installer selecting all the correct options i.e. Time Zone is NZ and the OS was completed. It took me 20 minutes to install. Not a fan of upgrade installs so I took the option of a complete install.
Once it was completed, added the machine name and login account and I was in.  First thing you notice is the desktop background and the new Windows 7 taskbar. The theme is very blue.
There is however a reason for the fish, its actually a Siamese fighting fish, apparently in reference to the name "betta". Given this install is Windows 7 Beta.


The Taskbar has had a change as well. The look n feel is different and I feel its got that "Apple Mac" type feel to it. Do you reckon? Quite nice on the eye though, images are quite rich. There is a number of different options you can do with each application on the Taskbar so have a play with them.

Thats the first initial 2 minute peek of Windows 7.  With time permitting I will attempt to get more screenshots and information posted as I head on through the Windows 7 journey. My initially feeling using it is that its more comfortable to use than Vista, but again its just the initial feeling and this is subject to change.

Watch this space.

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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