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CRM 4.0 – Update Rollup 2 Released!

Just received an email from Microsoft informing me that Update Rollup 2 is publically released. This rolls up a number of more fixes for CRM 4.0. One of the fixes is one I reported to Microsoft  for CRM 4.0 which is (was):

Advanced Find – Related Data Not Showing

Steps to reproduce the error:

-Go to Advanced Find
-In the Look For drop-down select Service Activities
-Enter a search query, eg: Status Equals Open;Scheduled
-Click Edit Columns
-Click Add Columns
-In the Record Type drop-down select an associated object eg: (Site) Site
-Tick one of the Site fields, eg: Name and Click Ok
-Click Ok to close the Edit Columns window
-Click Find
In the search result view the Name (Site) column is not populated. Dam. Bug found. … but now fixed!! yay!

To get a hold of the Update Rollup 2, head over to the link below:

Apply to test environments first, and then roll out to your production environments when testing completed.

Great to see Microsoft released this so quickly after rollup 1. Good work.

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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