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Quite a bit of talk around the web and on blogs recently regarding the next release of Windows, Windows 7. I have collected some of the highlights or comments as follows:

  • 2009 – Early 2009 release (most likely beta) for developers or testers to get their hands on it
  • 2010 – Early 2010 Windows 7 goes to RTM (hopefully the date won’t shift)
  • Windows 7 will nag users much less than its much-maligned predecessor, Vista
  • Will let users choose to see fewer alerts and warnings
  • Significant design changes to the way windows and icons look, and to where certain features and functions are stashed in the system
  • “add printer” will return to the quick access start menu after most users complained about its removal
  • More testing with end-users rather than developers
  • Taskbar changes (removed some redundant buttons that launch applications)
  • When users roll over the icon of a program in the task bar, it will be easier to see how many documents or windows are open, and switch between them
  • "jumplists," which are a quick way of organising recently used files, websites or often-used program features
  • Introduced a concept called "libraries," which automatically finds similar files from a single PC, an external hard drive and even other PCs on a home network, then displays them together in a single folder. That could be handy for organising the family’s digital photos that have been stored in over a number of PC’s or hard drives
  • Some degree by poking or swiping fingers across the screen to activate programs or functions
  • Improved the speed of the system and cut the amount of memory it needs to run. That’s been another complaint about Vista, which generally needs new PC gear or hardware configurations than Windows XP
  • Note really related to Windows 7, but Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote software will work in web browsers of Internet Explorer browser, Firefox and Safari

So we look forward to seeing what all unfolds in 2009 with Windows 7. Could this mean an early death for Vista? You be the judge.

Happy reading!

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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