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CRM 4.0 – Change your Organisations Database Name

Found this blog article here which I would share and give FULL CREDIT to for changing the organisation database name with CRM 4.0.
Sometimes you may have to change the CRM organization database name on SQL Server.  It is possible in CRM 4.0 and is quite easy, in fact. To accomplish this task you will have to follow these steps:
1.  Run Microsoft CRM Deployment Manager (Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Manager).
2.  Go to "Organizations" node, press right mouse button on the organization that uses the database whose name you want to change. Choose the "Disable" option.
3. Repeat all the activities described in point 2, but this time select "Delete" option.
4. Connect to your database server (for example, using Microsoft SQL Management Studio) and rename your [OrganizationName]_MSCRM database to the desired name. Sometimes you may get the information: “The database cannot be exclusively locked to perform this operation”. In such a situation the SQL Server restart will help.
5.  Use the CRM Deployment Manager to Import Organization (Deployment Manager -> Organization -> “Import Organization” option). It will run the wizard which allows for importing an organization from an existing SQL database
6. Choose SQL Server and new database names.
7.  Specify the "organization name", "display name" and report server network location.
8. Select appropriate method for mapping CRM users.
9. Finally, import new organization.

Great Posting!

Greg Olsen
Yellow Duck Guy

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