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First 5 Minute Look At CRM 4.0 (RC0)

Got the latest VPC up and running in very little time and thought I would share the first 5 minutes with you.

The first thing I thought I would do is grab the CRM 4.0 RC0 SDK from the VPC so I can begin creating Plugins (these replace Callouts in CRM 3.0). That took only a matter of minutes then it was over to look at the new UI so I ran up CRM 4.0 (Web Client) and took a good look around.

Once you have the VPC up and running you can begin the preview of the new Dynamics product as shown below:


Below is a quick look of the new User Interface (UI) for CRM 4.0. The UI is all AJAX enabled allowing for a more richer experience removing the old style postbacks. The Dynamics CRM Development team have done a good job on the UI – i’m quite impressed!

One major feature also is Multi-Currency. You can get to this section by going to Settings > Business Management > Currencies.
There are a number of different Currency Codes supported. The list returned 142.

Right time to look at the SDK now so I will leave you with that small preview.  I will be back with more postings soon as.

Yellow Duck Guy
Greg Olsen

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