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SQL Reporting Services – Easy Date Function

Sometimes I use this simple but effective date function in my reports (NZ reports) by using the ‘Code’ functionality given by SQL Reporting Services.  Therefore I thought I would paste this on my site for quick reference. Feel free to use. 

Public Function FormatDate(ByVal d As Date)
 Return d.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")
End Function

To find where to paste your code then simply goto ‘Report Properties’ from the Report Menu (in Report Designer) and select the ‘Code’ tab. Then paste your code inside the window made available and click OK.

Then to use in your reports, simply call it like the following …


The function above also illustrates how you can write your own functions and call them within your report.

If you are ever wondering where your code will be stored then have a look inside your RDL (report exension .rdl) report file and search for the XML tags of <CODE></CODE>. You will notice it inside there.

Simple aye! Happy coding.

Yellow Duck Guy
Greg Olsen

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