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ATOM.NET – Object model to Write and Parse Atom feeds

Well I stumbled across this the ATOM.NET open source Website today ( http://atomnet.sourceforge.net/ ), which allows you to write an parse Atom feeds.

More info from the Website:

"Atom is a new syndication format (similar to RSS in functionality) but aimed to simplify the task with a simple and clear specification.
Atom.NET is an open source library entirely developed in C# aimed to handle Atom feeds in an handy way. It provides an object model to write and parse Atom feeds. It’s compatible only with the 0.3 Atom draft specification."

Current download version is 0.4.3. The compiled DLL library has been built with .net 1.1, but you can hook this in as a project reference with your .NET 1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5 Visual Studio solutions with no problems.

This site got me thinking that this could be very useful. I know personally I would like a Gmail email reader to read some notifications I get sent to a Gmail email account.  So I will probably use ATOM.NET to read them programmatically.  Once I finish the small demo application I will post the source code to get you started.

ATOM.NET download page is here: ATOM.NET Download Page

Yellow Duck Guy
Greg Olsen

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