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CRM – Callouts with simple text logging

Below is an example of how you could log the callout information from CRM when executed. If you would like to do more extensive logging then I suggest you check out Log4Net (http://logging.apache.org/log4net/).
You will need to set the appropriate security settings to the Create.txt file so it can be accessed by your custom code. The folder CRM_SDK_Drop should be created first – this can be named anything you like.
public override PreCalloutReturnValue PreCreate(CalloutUserContext userContext,
                         CalloutEntityContext entityContext,
                         ref string entityXml,
                         ref string errorMessage)
   TextWriter log = TextWriter.Synchronized(
   log.WriteLine("ObjectType: " +
   log.WriteLine("ObjectId: " + entityContext.InstanceId.ToString());
   log.WriteLine("CreatorId: " + userContext.UserId.ToString());

   return PreCalloutReturnValue.Continue;
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